Getting involved as a volunteer

Volunteers are a key part of credit union

Croydon Caribbean CU

At CCCU we have a core of volunteers who have, over many years, served us with distinction, dedication, commitment and integrity. However, we are always on the look out for new volunteers who can help sustain and grow this established institution. As a volunteer you can help us to deliver a first class service and, crucially, realise our mission.

We rely on the enthusiasm and commitment of our volunteers

Thanks to them we have a flexible and motivated workforce despite our limited resources

Whether you can spare an hour a week or more there are many ways to get involved

Becoming a volunteer means you can:

  • give something back to your community
  • work with people
  • use and develop your skills and
  • gain access to training.

We are looking for people who can offer business and development skills across a wide range of disciplines. Whether you have an hour or two to spare or can commit more time there is a role for you if you have any of the following knowledge or skills:

bookkeeping, banking, lending practices, teller, leadership, training, business development, customer service, marketing, governance, membership development, community development, fundraising,

Don’t think you have anything to offer?

Yes, you have – everyone has something to offer a credit union. You don’t need to be a financial expert or a wizard on the PC. There’s a role for all volunteers and there has never been a better time to get involved with volunteering with your credit union. We’re constantly trying to improve our services to members and volunteer involvement is a key part of this. Talk to us and find out what your potential contribution could be.

Not sure you can make the commitment?

We would expect some commitment – how much, is for you and CCCU to decide. Helping with mailings involves much less commitment than becoming an elected director, for example. Don’t commit to time you cannot spare. Start with a few hours’ work and see how it goes.

Don’t know much about credit unions?

Don’t worry, you can learn. We will provide an Introduction to Credit Unions as part of the induction process.

You’ll be surprised how quickly you will pick things up.

Thinking about becoming an elected director of CCCU?

CCCU is a co-operative whose directors are elected by the membership. The Board of Directors has a vital role in providing leadership and direction to the credit union. It is the governing body that determines policy and makes decisions. We need a diverse range of skills and knowledge to help us develop and grow, Directors are not paid for their work .

OK I’m ready. What do I do next?

Look for volunteering opportunities listed below. Contact us for an informal chat, which will help us decide what you want to do and where your skills can be used most effectively. If you want to become a director, you must be elected to the role and be approved by the regulator. Ask us for details.

*CCCU has the right to refuse a person as a volunteer and, where appropriate, will give a reason for that refusal.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Volunteer Application form

In particular we need:
Assistant administrator – to help with general office administration/duties.
Credit Control – contact and assist/advise members with loan problems.
Supervisors – to work with other members on the Supervisory Committee (internal audit).
Field worker- To promote CCCU: leafletting, contacting local businesses, schools, churches, community events.

Croydon Caribbean CU